Alın germe - Kaş Kaldırma

The ideal eyebrow in men and women shows some differences. In men, the eyebrows are thicker and almost parallel. In women, the eyebrow makes a slight curve.

Different approaches have been described for brow lift.

Open approaches, where an incision is made from the place where the scalp begins or directly through the hairs and some tissue is removed, can be used, as well as the endoscopic eyebrow lifting method, which is entered with small incisions in the scalp.

Since the surgery is performed through small incisions in endoscopic brow lift, the risk of baldness and forehead nerve damage is less, but it is technically more difficult and requires special tools.

Endoscopic brow lift should not be preferred in patients with very thick skin. Again, patients whose have excessively convex foreheads are also not very suitable for endoscopic brow lift. One of the open techniques should be used in these patients.

During brow lift surgery; Mimic muscles that cause wrinkles between the eyebrows are partially removed (myotomy) and weakened. This process causes an effect similar to the application of botulinum toxin between the eyebrows. However, this effect is longer lasting than botulinum toxin application. For this reason, partial removal of the relevant muscles (myotomy) is also called permanent botulinum toxin administration.


Loss of sensation on the forehead: If loss of sensation has developed, it may take up to 1 year for this loss to return.

Forehead tingling, itching

Baldness (rare in endoscopic approach)

Eyebrow asymmetry

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