Nose Filler – Liquid Rhinoplasty

We frequently apply nose fillers.

Nose fillers can be apply to those who have a disease that prevents them from receiving general anesthesia, are afraid of surgery, do not want to have surgery, or who have had rhinoplasty before but still have problems on the back of the nose. Not every problem in the nose can be corrected with filling. Nose fillers give satisfactory results when used in appropriate cases. You are welcome to our practice in Adana Ziyapaşa for a nose filler interview.

Liquid Rhinoplasty (nose filler) should be done with nonpermanent fillers (hyaluronic acid). This has two purposes. The patient may not be satisfied with the filler applied to his/her nose, so when the non-permanent filler is degradated, the patient will regain his/her old nose. The second reason is that permanent fillings have very serious side effects. For these reasons, if nose filler is planned, nonpermanent filler materials should be preferred.

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