Concha hypertrophy

In both passages of the nose, there are three structures called concha (turbinate) on the side wall of the nose. In almost every healthy person, the turbinates alternately swell and contract, so the person alternately breathes better from one side of the nose. This is a physiological nasal congestion that many people do not realize.

Due to various reasons, enlargement (hypertrophy) can be seen in the turbinates and this results in nasal congestion.

Treatment of conchal hypertrophy– Concha surgery

Steroid nasal sprays or surgical treatments can be used in the treatment of conchal hypertrophy. Application of radiofrequency (radio surgery) to the inferior turbinate, laser reduction of the inferior turbinate (conchaplasty) or partial removal (resection) of the inferior turbinate can be used as the surgical treatment of conchal hypertrophy.

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