Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of male patients who have undergone rhinoplasty. Because now men have started to give more importance to their clothing, appearance and general health. They prefer clothes that fit their bodies better and dress more harmoniously. They now pay more attention to their general health status. All aesthetic operations, especially rhinoplasty, eyelid aesthetics, face lift and liposuction are now performed more frequently on men.

Despite this, men still could not reach the level of women in aesthetic applications.

There are some fundamental differences that distinguish men’s rhinoplasty from women’s:

In males, the nasal dorsum should be straight or slightly curved. Increasing the amount of curve can give a more feminine (feminine) appearance. For this reason, it is preferred that the nasal dorsum is either straight or slightly curved in male patients.

The back of the nose symbolizes power and authority. The male nose should be made in accordance with the social status of the patient. Inconsistent with the patient’s social status, lowering the nasal ridge too much can make male patients unhappy. In this type of male patient group, care should be taken to preserve the strong structure of the nasal dorsum.

An overrotated nasal tip can also give a feminine appearance. On the other hand, a very low nasal tip is not an aesthetically and functionally preferred nasal tip. Lifting the nasal tip of a male patient with a low nasal tip allows the patient to breathe more easily through his nose, as well as making his nose look more natural.

As a result; A more feminine nose (small, curved and slightly upward) is preferred in women, while a more masculine nose (slightly concave or completely straight nasal dorsum) is aimed in men. In addition, if a man has prominent facial structures, a very small nose will not appropriate to his face.

In some male patients, the problem is only in one part of the nose, and the patient may only want this part of the nose to be corrected. For example, he may feel discomfort only from the bridge of the nose or the tip of the nose being too low or wide. Surgery to only a part of the nose can sometimes disrupt the harmony between the parts of the nose. For this reason, minor interventions may be required in other parts of the nose in order to maintain its harmony within itself, otherwise the nose may look worse despite the correction of the main problem. This information should be given to all patients who come with similar requests and the decision should be made together.

Comfortable breathing through the nose; should be the primary target for male patients as well as for all patients. Problems causing nasal obstruction such as concha hypertrophy, sinusitis and septum deviation can be corrected simultaneously during rhinoplasty. Every patient with nasal congestion; should be evaluated individually in terms of all these pathologies. Therefore, it may take longer time for swelling to be relieved after rhinoplasty.

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