Adana’da Burun Estetiği Fiyatları ve Sağlık Turizmi

Rhinoplasty prices may vary from city to city. The most expensive city in terms of rhinoplasty price is Istanbul; In cities such as Ankara, Adana and İzmir, rhinoplasty can be performed at lower prices. However, rhinoplasty prices may differ within the same city.The fact that rhinoplasty is expensive does not mean that it will be done very well, and that it is cheap does not mean that it will be bad. However, it should be ensured that health standards are not compromised while reducing surgery costs.

Although the prices of rhinoplasty in Turkey are more reasonable compared to the prices in Europe and America, Turkey is the best when evaluated according to the results of the surgery.

For this reason, many foreign national patients come to Turkey from abroad for rhinoplasty surgery. On the other hand, sharing the prices of the surgery over the internet is prohibited by law.

With the increase in transportation and accommodation opportunities, health tourism becomes easier, allowing patients to receive health services wherever they want and at the doctor of their choice.

In this context, Adana; It is a candidate to be an alternative health center for the surrounding provinces and districts (such as Mersin, Tarsus, Osmaniye, Ceyhan, Antakya, İskenderun and Antep) and even for the Middle East. You can have your rhinoplasty surgery in Adana with lower accommodation and surgery fees.

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